Weigh-In / Check-In Conveyors

Cod articol: SLF - CHK



Highly customisable

Motorised drive roller (pulley)

Reinforced slider bed

Fire retardant belts

Fitted with structure sidewalls

CE, OIML, EAC approved scales and displays

User and maintenance friendly

High end materials and quality finish

Single, Double or Triple Stage available

Single or Double (side by side units) Available


         Self Trust has developed the Check In Conveyors (weigh in conveyors) having in mind that this is the first stage in baggage processing and these are the equipments that the passenger see upclose. Considering that we take a different aproach on designing the conveyors by implementing a system called "10 minutes maintenance" that allows to change almost any part of the system in under 10 minutes. Also, besides the standard stainless steel finish that is used world wide, we have developed a range of products with a special finish (a composite material made from marble and resins) that allows the conveyors to be an integrated part of the entire architecture of the Terminal by offering the posibility to use almost any colour desired and to have volume shapes instead of the straight surfaces obtained by using stainless steel.

Check In Conveyors

            The check In conveyors are designed by Romanian engineers and completely produced and assembled at the Romanian factory.

             Having our own Design and Research Department means that all the Check In Conveyors can be customised in terms of design, dimmensions and components thus having a Complete Custom Solution.

Weigh-in conveyors - Airport Industry


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