Self Trust at Inter Airport 2017 - Airport Conveyors and Counters


Ready for challenges

With an experience of 20 years in the conveyor industry, CITCOnveyors maintains the highest standards of quality and professionalism in this field.

CITCOnveyors, division of Self Trust Romania, The Romanian Conveyor Factory, addresses the International market.

Among the company values ​​are competitiveness, flexibility, reliability and client-orientation because every effort is made to provide the best solution that fits the client.

With a large portfolio and a wide range of areas in which it has implemented projects, the most important solutions are in Airport Industry, Automotive Industry, Logistics Industry, Food Industry, Drinks Industry, White Goods Industry, Waste Management Industry.


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  • Reliable

     Our extensive experience in the field

    of conveyor manufacturing

    recommends us as a potential supplier

    for your transport solution.

    We are continuously testing and improving

    our solutions to obtain the best products.

  • Competitive

    CITCOnveyors products are always price

    competitive, supplying the best products

    with the best financial solutions.

  • Flexible

    Over the years we have reached

    a level of standardisation but

    we can easily adapt our solution

    to the customers needs.

  • Ready for challenges

    Our team at CITCOnveyors is always

    eager to tackle new challenges because

    we consider that this is the way

    of becoming the best in the business.

    Ready for challenges
  • Client oriented

    We put al our effort in supplying

    the best solutions that fits our client.

    Over the years we have reached

    a level of standardisation but this

    doesn't stop us from adapting

    and from delivering

    custom designed products.

    Client oriented
  • Eager to improve

    We are always looking new ways

    to improve our solutions,

    to deliver better projects

    and to keep our partners satisfied.

    Eager to improve
  • Results oriented

    Our team is always focused

    on the goal ahead with each project:

    delivering a good product

    and having a satisfied partner.

    Results oriented


    CITCO team is always pursuing

    new tasks and projects.

    From the top management

    to the metalworkers

    we are al dedicated to deliver

    the best products.

  • Reliable
  • Competitive
  • Flexible
  • Ready for challenges
  • Client oriented
  • Eager to improve
  • Results oriented
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    34th Bucium Street, Iasi, 700265, Romania,
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