Detail - Departure - Airport conveyors - Check In - Designed and Produced by Self Trust Romania


Competitive, Reliable, Flexible, Ready for challenges and Client oriented.

These are our core values that makes Self Trust Romania a solid provider of solutions  in the Conveyor manufacturing industry.

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            As an Airport conveyor manufacturer we have succesfully implemented projects in Europe and Africa and we have been involved as a supplier for projects in other parts of the world.

            Starting from the design up to the actual implementing of the project, service and post service phase we guarantee our clients a high level of transparency. We believe that this is the key for having successful projects and satisfied partners and, furthermore, we believe in the H2H approach of the sale, where the attention to the people involved is as important as the project itself.

            Our range of products ensures that no matter the type of project, Self Trust as an Airport conveyor manufacturer can deliver the full package:

  • weigh in conveyors: with certified loading cells and displays (CE, OIML, EAC)
  • tag and induction conveyors
  • collecting and metering conveyors
  • curved conveyors
  • diverters (horizontal and vertical)
  • make-up carrousels
  • reclaim carousels

            Due to our strong Design and Research department all the products above are delivered to the client as a turn key complete solution.

           We believe that our strongest point as an Airport conveyor manufacturer is that everything is designed and built inhouse, thus ensuring a complete quality traceability. Furthermore the equipments and automation are installed by our own specialised teams.

Check-in Desks details


  • Available in different materials:Detail Airport conveyors - Weigh In conveyors
    • wood
    • stainless steel
    • composite
    • stone
  • Customisable dimmensions and design;
  • Single or double check in;
  •  Can be place as standalone unit or Integrated;


             The Check-ins are designed by Romanian engineers and completely produced and assembled at the Romanian factory. 

Weigh-in Conveyors details


  • ReliableDetail Airport conveyors - Weigh In conveyors
  • Highly customisable
  • CE, OIML, EAC approved scales and displays
  • User and maintenance friendly
  • High end materials and quality finish
  • Retrofit posibility


             The check In conveyors are designed by Romanian engineers and completely produced and assembled at the Romanian factory.

             Having our own Design and Research Department means that all the Check In Conveyors can be customised in terms of design, dimmensions and components thus having a Complete Custom Solution.

Airport Wiegh in Conveyors - Designed and produced by Self Trust Romania

Reclaim Carousels details


  • Efficient structures
  • Catterpillar drive
  • Almost zero maintenance
  • Up to 100 meters in length
  • Horizontal and inclined versions
  • Stainless steel finish


                With lengths up to 100 meters and with a high quality finish the Reclaim Carousels produced by Self Trust are reliable and require virtually zero maintenance. 

Eng - Reclaim Carousel  - Designed and produced by Self Trust Romania

Zero Gap Power Diverter details


  • Completely automatedDetail - Baggage Handling System
  • Zero gap transfer
  • Available with 30°, 60° or 90° exit


               One of the critical areas in a BHS are the diverters, these can cause bottlenecks or even blockages.  For this we have developed the Zero Gap Powered Diverter, a powerfull and reliable equipment that eliminates any space between the belt of the main conveyor line and the belt of the secondary one by using a proprietary solution designed by the Self Trust Development Engineers.

Eng - Reclaim Carousel  - Designed and produced by Self Trust Romania

Complete Baggage Handling Systems details


  • Metering conveyorsDetail - Baggage Handling System
  • Curved conveyors
  • Diverters (horizontal, vertical)
  • Make-up carousels
  • Dinamic simulation of the solution
  • Complete solution


                Every airport project presents a different set of challenges: from the space restrictions to the number of baggages that need to be handled. Our resourcefull and experienced team is prepared to answer to all that challenges. From the design of the solution (using special purpose softwares to determine the total capacity of the Baggage Handling System), to the 3D design of the projects and up to the actual installation of the projects we ensure a high level of communication with the client. It is our strong belief that a high level of transparency is a key factor for having successful projects.

                With a dedicated Automation department we offer our clients the possibility of having remote monitoring and diagnosis of the system worldwide.

Return Trays System details


  • Modular constructionDetail - Baggage Handling System
  • Powered
  • Low noise
  • Stainless steel finish


            This stand alone unit can be also retrofit terminals where the existing layouts does not allow to have integrated solutions. The space occupied by the RTS is only a little more than the thickness of the totes.

Eng - Reclaim Carousel  - Designed and produced by Self Trust Romania

Other conveyors details


  • Aluminium structureDetail - Baggage Handling System
  • Fire retardant and low noise belts
  • Different dimmensions
  • Multiple accesories


               With an aluminium frame and standardised components our conveyor can be easily installed for extending existing conveyor line or to form new ones.

Eng - Reclaim Carousel  - Designed and produced by Self Trust Romania

Roller conveyors details


  • Powder painter structureDetail - Baggage Handling System
  • PVC or Metal rollers
  • Different dimmensions
  • Multiple accesories
  • Applications: end of the line accumulation, X-ray infeed/outfeed, security check, etc.              

Eng - Reclaim Carousel  - Designed and produced by Self Trust Romania


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