Check In Desks



Available in different materials:

  • wood
  • stainless steel
  • composite
  • stone (for counter tops: granite or other special stone types)
  • customisable dimmensions and design;
  • single or double check in;
  • can be placed as standalone unit or Integrated;

From our range of products we can supply from budget solutions up to premium quality  materials and finish desks.

Mild steel elements like working-surface structures are powder coated

The desks are fitted with bag shelf on the front, stainless steel plinth, special designed spaces for: computer, monitor, printers, etc.

The counters also are accommodating the conveyor controls and weigh scale displays.


             The Check-ins are designed by Romanian engineers and completely produced and assembled at the Romanian factory. 


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34th Bucium Street, Iasi, 700265, Romania,
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